My work is about our relationship to objects, but in   Share a Jewel   I’m reaching towards something further—creating opportunities and moments for these relationships to flourish. It’s facilitating the viewer’s contact with art in the most direct form. My artworks have a physicality, not only materially, but in how they dare to create an experience.      In the   Share a Jewel   piece, the art object goes into a space where it comes into the hands of the viewer. The piece is activated when worn by each individual because the piece does not exist without the participation of the viewer. The works become about recreating the fascination in human connection with the object, independent of whether it is concrete or abstract, that cannot exist without the interaction.    Copyright © 2015, Mayra Campos. All rights reserved.
Butterfly Kisses
   Sonnet 76  is about the renewing of  broken, mismatched objects we hold onto, but that have lost their function.  I have reconstructed new pieces with the remains of precious, but broken jewelry. They are brought together in a handmade jewelry box, made especially for each individual piece tied together with a quote from Shakespeare’s  Sonnet 76 :     So all my best is dressing old words new / Spending again what is already spent / For as the sun / Is daily new and old / So is my love / Still telling what is told.    Copyright © 2014, Mayra Campos. All rights reserved.
  How do we interact with people and form relationships with others when we know they will be temporary? In  Transient Ties , I interview a close group of international friends upon the realization that all of the relationships I had formed and cultivated would soon come to an end. They are each from a different part of the world—Egypt, Korea, Mexico, Taiwan, and Turkey—and all in Boston for a short period of time.  I asked them how they approach and deal with making these temporary relationships and found unexpected answers; it didn’t really matter to them how short the relationship would be, but rather the people and the experiences created in that time. The piece manifests as an installation, where I’ve created slide-like transparencies with highlights from the interviews that can be viewed in a back-lit “memory box” along with each individual audio of the interviews.     Copyright © 2014, Mayra Campos. All rights reserved.